17 Aug 2017

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Soft launch

Traders/Investors/(future) Readers…

We have soft launched convexitytrading.com today.

Whilst much of the content is still to come, site structure and back-end is 90% there. Users can sign up (hopefully not an onerous process) & interact with posts/pages, our authors can begin to start contributing, our investors can view their accounts and the premium subscribers can see our premium content.

The exception is the Forums which are still very much ‘under construction’. Ultimately, we hope for this area to become a hub of ideas and  where experienced authors explain their views and are challenged by members in an interactive way. We will also be launching a competition forum, where members are rewarded for top ideas with a P&L share from this website’s sister hedge fund.

This is one of the many nascent new approaches to investing and trading we hope to test here. We are not afraid of creative destruction – we have no agenda other than to foster an environment that lets the investment process evolve. Open sourcing our ideas and platforms to as many people as possible is core to the rationale behind creating convexitytrading.com. This is in stark contrast with the hedge fund principle that strategic information should be kept to a minimum.

Please contact us with any feedback, especially in this period of beta testing.

We hope to push the site out to the public in the New Year.


About the author


The Convexity Team were formed in 2011, from many different backgrounds (Statistics, Biology, Ancient History...). In addition to providing content and education, they also maintain the website and manage the business. Please e-mail team@convexitygroup.com with any questions on the people involved, website or modus operandi.

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